What is your New Year’s resolution?

January 2, 2018

By Sade Harrison, Service Coordinator

The holidays are over and we are already in 2018! Many people each year create resolutions for what they want to accomplish during the New Year. Setting these goals can be extremely motivating. Whether or not they are accomplished, they provide a sense of pride when we make even the smallest step towards the goals we have set for ourselves. We asked a few people here at Opportunity Partners what goals they have set for the New Year.

“In 2018, I want to focus on learning my job more. I want to get a raise.” – Tessa D

“I would like to lose weight by exercising more and using my treadmill.” Michelle A

“I want to try a new OP site.” – Becky

“For 2018, I would like to get more rest.” – Colette D, Service Coordinator at Koch

“I would like to practice better self-care, maybe have some at home spa days.” – Hannah M, Service Coordinator at Koch.

“I would like to journal more and will keep my calendar organized and up to date.” – Sade H, Service Coordinator at Koch.

No matter what you choose your goal to be, Opportunity Partners hopes that 2018 is great to all of you!

Perhaps your resolution is to get a new job in 2018? If so, you are in luck! We are hosting a job fair on January 23. Hope to see you there!