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Ever since Tori Soosai was a little girl, her smile would light up a room. But there were some signs early on that worried Tori’s parents, Phyllis and Joseph. Her speech was delayed and she learned to crawl on her back, backwards. It wasn’t until Tori was nine years old that doctors diagnosed her with Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, a rare condition where the band connecting the two hemispheres of the brain fails to develop.

Tori’s family surrounded her with love and were determined to help her thrive. Tori enjoyed family trips, a house filled with pets, school sports and dance lessons.

After graduating from Hopkins High School, Tori continued with the community’s Transition Plus Program. Upon completing this program, she found the next step in her journey to Opportunity Partners.

She soared through her work-readiness programs at Opportunity Partners and into employment at Engineered Products Company (EPCO), where she was part of a Supported Employment Team. Before long, Tori was ready for an independent job and soon landed a position at a senior assisted living community.

Tori’s family could not be more proud. “I’m so grateful for Opportunity Partners,” Phyllis said. “They worked really, really hard to prepare Tori for the outside world. And they worked really, really hard to help prepare me, as a parent, encouraging me to let her go a little, and watch her blossom.”

At 24 years old, this is just the beginning of Tori’s story. With your support, we can write the beginning for so many others.

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