Pech – Gala Mission Moment


Promoting dignity for all

At age 68, John Pechelunas, known as “Pech,” has a life filled with opportunities and independence.

Opportunity Partners promotes the dignity and worth of all people, and over the past 16 years has helped Pech experience life to its fullest including working at Opportunity Partners-Asplin Center in Plymouth and learning life skills like grocery shopping so he could remain on his own after his mother died. He also volunteers at Arc’s Value Village with his Opportunity Partners class on Thursdays and on his own every Saturday.

“I like to give back to the community and it gives me something to do on Saturdays,” Pech said. “I really like the people there, too.”
Pech always enjoyed traveling with his family and has toured places as far away as Egypt and Rome. Today he confidently ventures on group tours, most recently to Hollywood. He documents every excursion with his camera, collecting thousands of photos over the years. “I like to see new things and places,” Pech said. “It’s relaxing and fun to get away.”

Everywhere he goes, Pech proudly wears an American flag cap and the U.S. Army pin that belonged to his father. Clearly, freedom and independence is important to Pech and a poignant reminder of how far he’s come.

“I am so proud that he can have the independence he has always wanted.” – Pech’s sister Pat

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