OP means so much to our family

Our son Teddy, 32, is happiest when he’s playing basketball and flag football, watching the Minnesota Vikings and Twins, sampling cheeseburgers with his sister at local restaurants, and working to earn his own spending money.

That’s where Opportunity Partners comes in. Since 2010, Teddy has gained a wide variety of work experiences, including bagging groceries and working in an office mail room. These jobs have given Teddy a sense of accomplishment, a feeling of belonging, and the ability to “make money at my jobs.”

We are incredibly grateful for OP for being here for Teddy, even when jobs haven’t always worked out for him. It’s important to us that OP offers employment services across the continuum, based on people’s skills and needs.

Thank you to our caring community for supporting an organization that means so much to Teddy and to our family. Because of you, OP is surviving the pandemic and providing important services to so many individuals. We’re not sure where Teddy would be without OP by his side.

We support OP because we want to ensure this important organization can continue to be here for people with disabilities in our community.

Thank you for making a difference during this season of giving!

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