What independence means to me

June 29, 2017

By Julie Peters, Director of Communications

Each day, Opportunity Partners helps nearly 2,000 people with disabilities live and work more independently in our communities. In recognition of Independence Day, we asked individuals to share what independence means to them.

From choosing where to go out to eat, what music to listen to, participation in activities like Special Olympics, and where to work, people shared their thoughts about independence.

  • “I made choices on my own.” – Sandy
  • I feel more independent when I’m: “Swimming and bowling, helping others, being a good friend …  respecting people’s boundaries.” – Meaghan
  • “To get to places on my own – city bus!” – Ashlee
  • “Be your own boss.” – Crispus
  • “Karaoke! Singing.” – Kerry
  • “I like to clean my own room and do laundry. Staff help me budget my money.” – Denise
  • “I choose to work.” – Ken
  • “I work at Lunds. I bag the groceries and carry them out to the car.” – John
  • “I like to buy something that I want.” – Rachael
  • “I follow the grocery list with my PCA and I schedule my own rides on Metro.” – Angela
  • “Doing sports like bowling, going to garage sales, working out and grocery shopping.” – Greg
  • “I make and tell my own order at Subway.” – Jennifer
  • “I pick out my own clothes.  I go shopping for them at Mall of America.” – Lisa
  • “Brush my teeth on my own now because of staff.” – May
  • “Staff teaches me how to put makeup on, and they teach me hygiene.  I learn to advocate for myself.” – Sharon

What does independence mean to you?
Share your ideas at info@opportunities.org

“I live on my own. I go to the store to buy my food. It makes me feel good to be independent. I feel responsible.” – Debbie
“My mom took me to Target and waited in the car so I could go inside and buy her a present to surprise her for her birthday. It made me feel proud and excited.”  Krystyna
“I make apple pie.”  Jessica
“I help walk the dog.” Joey
“I do my own laundry and go out by myself, or use the computer independently.” – Sherry