Encouraging advocacy one person at a time

February 13, 2017

Q&A with Lead Service Coordinator, Rebekah Wold. Rebekah recently took on the responsibility of running the Committee of Advocacy and Leadership (COAL) at Koch Campus.

Rebekah with self-advocate and COAL member Bonnie

Why do you like working as a Direct Support Professional (DSP)?
My favorite part is encouraging people to make their own choices about their life. It’s great to see someone work through an issue and make a decision that will make his or her life better.

Why is it important for you to help the people we serve?
Diversity is vital. My life has been enriched by spending time and getting to know the people we serve. I want the greater community to have the same opportunity I’ve had to see the beauty and strength in our diversity. This desire drives me to support the people we serve.

How do you get people involved with advocacy efforts?
Many people have joined COAL so they have a place to connect with one another and get plugged into the community. My work consists of creating a space where everyone feels comfortable sharing and people can leave the meeting feeling encouraged. I’m looking forward to a year of seeing people grow to support each other more! I’m also excited to talk to our legislators and let them know what they can do to support the people we serve!

What has been your favorite memory here?
I get to regularly enjoy an outing with a woman on my caseload. We go out to drink coffee and talk about our lives. She is a creative and daring chef, and recently shared that she made a salad consisting of onions, lettuce, peanuts, Swiss cheese, Caesar dressing and peaches

Tell us more about yourself.
I have a pet cat and a pet rock. My cat is named Grace; she is 16 and enjoys sleeping by the fire and eating dairy products. My rock is named Ted; he is 3.2 billion years old and also enjoys the warmth of the fire. I love walking in nature, baking bread, hosting dinner parties, reading the news and painting.

Rebekah and dozens of other OP ambassadors will be rallying at ARRM/MOHR Day at the Capitol on March 14. Learn more.