A New Chapter: The Morgan House in Richfield Welcomes Its First Resident

Jessi Beans’s story

The Morgan House in Richfield has officially re-opened following renovations this past summer! Since then, construction has been completed and we are delighted to announce our first resident, Jessi Bean, moved in on January 5th!  

Jessi, 30, has seamlessly adjusted to her new home and the Opportunity Partners staff members who work at Morgan. Before joining OP, Jessi had resided in a variety of group home locations throughout the Twin Cities. When speaking with Jessi, she expressed, “I love where I live now because the location of the house is great, and I get to spend time with my new friends during the day, and now when I come home, I get to relax and spend time with my OP staff members too!”   

Since moving in, Jessi has enthusiastically embraced various activities including assisting her OP Staff with dinner preparations, exploring the community, playing board games, and cheering on the Minnesota Wild. The OP Staff that work with Jessi commend her for her eagerness to try new experiences, her fun-loving nature, and her kindness.  

Jessi extends her gratitude for the services provided by Opportunity Partners and treasures the friendships she has cultivated with residents in other OP Group Home locations. As Jessi continues to become accustomed to the Morgan House, she eagerly awaits the upcoming spring, looking forward to bringing her dogs over to play in the backyard, hosting barbeques on the back porch, and welcoming a new roommate, scheduled to move in next month!