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Brain Injury Services

Our brain injury program helps you rediscover your world. Whether it is mastering new skills, living more independently, or working individually or as part of team, you can increase your potential and ability to lead a fulfilling life. Our goal is to transition you from our program back into your home, community and employment. To enhance these efforts, we have aligned our programs to build natural steps toward reaching that goal.

Structured Day Program

As one of the only structured day programs in the Twin Cities for brain injury, we help you build greater work, community or personal independence by focusing on a different theme every day including:

  • Social interaction
  • Independence
  • Wellness
  • Vocational skills
  • Community involvement

Through classroom instruction and community involvement, the program focuses on skill building in:

  • Memory compensation
  • Displaying proper attitudes
  • Maintaining boundaries
  • Punctuality
  • Keeping a schedule
  • Leadership

Community activities include:

  • Utilizing a fitness center, library and coffee shop
  • Volunteering
  • Attending business and community tours
Prevocational Program

This program helps prepare you to independently rejoin the workforce. Individuals participate in employment training through paid onsite work, including light assembly and packaging. This work is supplemented with employment training materials to expand employment skills in:

  • Communication
  • Stress management
  • Safety
  • Relationship building
  • Memory compensation
  • Productivity
  • Quality control
Vocational Services

As you increase skills and achieve growth, you may be ready to move to a community Supported Employment Team (SET). This in-between step will further you for an independent job.

SETs are community jobs with an instructor, working as part of a team at a Twin Cities company. The road to employment may lead you down different paths, but the goal remains the same. Opportunity Partners specializes in helping you look for, obtain and maintain work as part of a team.

SETs make it possible for you to develop or renew the skills needed to be a wage-earning member of the community. We promote an individualized approach where you can build talents and advance your abilities as part of a supervised team. You can explore a variety of community job sites, from corporate cafeterias to office administration, while gaining experience and confidence that can lead to independent employment.

Learn more about independent employment and our other Vocational Services.

Funding Sources
  • Brain Injury (BI) Waiver
  • Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals (CADI) Waiver
  • Private Pay
Admission Process

Admission requirements:

  • Diagnosis of traumatic or acquired brain injury with documentation.
  • Is in medically stable condition.
  • Conduct does not pose an imminent risk of physical harm to self or others, with or without positive support strategies.
  • 1:1 staffing may be required if regular assistance is needed with eating, communication, or mobility.

Referral process:

  • Initial contact is typically made through the Program Managers.
  • During the initial contact, referral information and medical, neurological and evaluation reports will be requested.
  • During the review process, a determination will be made as to which program is most appropriate for you.
  • If  you are determined ineligible for the desired program, an alternative program or accommodation will be discussed.
  • Once program eligibility is determined, a tour or intake will be scheduled with you and participating team members.
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