7 reasons why we love our pet policy

August 14, 2017

By Tiana Daun, Digital Strategy & Communications Specialist

Over a year ago, Opportunity Partners adopted a pet policy, in hopes of boosting staff retention. A study done by the University of Kentucky* cites that workplace pets reduce stress levels and positively influence employees’ health, job satisfaction and organizational issues like productivity and employee morale. The study also claims that pets make working environments more comfortable and create positive impressions of organizations.

Dozens of OP employees bring their pet into work with them (some pets come in every day), and from what we can see – the University of Kentucky was right! See what our employees have to say about our pet policy:

“Mikko should be on the OP payroll for all of the roles he plays at my group homes. He attends medical appointments, helps the residents fall asleep, and helps with anxiety – so much that instead of choosing to take anxiety medicine, a resident will choose to have Mikko sit on her lap. Mikko, Mingo, Rico, or Pekko – he answers to all of them and always shows up for his shifts.” – Lori Arnold, Program Manager

“I really like bringing Adrian because she acts as a stress reliever. At Koch we will say we need a ‘dog break’ when things get stressful! I also love seeing her interact with the people served. She always brings a smile to their face!” – Amy Beyer, Training and Development Specialist

“I love bringing in my cats! The look on people’s faces when they see the kittens is priceless. It brings a little bit of home into work and is a stress reliever for me and others.” – Andrea Nemitz, Service Coordinator Support Staff

“Jasper is an amazing stress reliever for the people we serve. When people are having a bad day, they come to my office for a ‘Jasper fix.’ He certainly lives up to his name, which means, ‘sustains and supports during stressful times’ (according to PetMD).” – Elise Dahl, Service Coordinator

“I get way more visitors to my desk when I bring Pemberley in, which creates good vibes all around! She’s a very easy-going cat and brings my work energy to a calm and relaxed pace.” – Kayleigh Karppinen, HR Generalist

“Being able to have my dog makes me feel better in knowing he isn’t stuck at home all by himself, and seeing how happy he makes the persons served and other employees here when they get to see him is a real joy.” – Matt Thiede, SET Site Supervisor

“I love being able to bring my dogs into work with me. It’s stress relieving for me and great socialization for them. There are many smiles and waves from the people we serve and fellow staff when walking around. It’s a great way to make connections and bring extra positivity to the day.” – Heather Brooks, Graphic & Web Design Specialist