Success Celebration Winners

On September 9, we held our annual Success Celebration and awarded five recipients with awards for Impact, Choice, Heart, Partnership and Spirit. Read their nominations below!

Thomas – Impact

Thomas has made tremendous strides in advocating for himself to find independent employment. Thomas received an opportunity to work at a Supported Employment Team (SET) site. On the job, Thomas developed great relationships and was offered another shift due to his excellent work ethic. Shortly after, the SET site closed and he lost his job. Thomas found another SET site position quickly thanks to his work reputation within OP. Soon, another SET site wanted Thomas to work for him and he took on two positions! Last month, one of his sites closed, but Thomas handled this disappointment in a mature way. Thomas plans to learn more computer skills and take on more independence at home and work. Thanks for all you do, Thomas!


Dawn – Choice

Dawn is a great example of how the power of choice can affect one’s life. Last year, she had the opportunity to take charge of her life and start making her own decisions. Dawn and staff figured out a budget, including ensuring she had enough money to meet her physical needs and to have some fun money. Dawn made the decision to change where she went shopping and what she ate. She also decided to look for a new job, and now works with a job coach to find a job that meets her preferences. Congratulations, Dawn!



Tyler – Heart

Tyler, better known as Ty, starts his day by greeting everyone with a big smile on his face. Ty always makes sure that the people around him are doing well, no matter what struggles Ty may be dealing with. One day, Ty was struggling with a transition and saw a coworker in bad spirits. Ty stopped in his tracks to help his coworker and figure out what was wrong. Ty and his friend had some laughs and moved on with their days. By lending a hand, Ty helped himself without realizing it. Ty exemplifies Heart every day, despite his own personal challenges. Way to go, Ty!



Michelle – Partnership

Michelle worked hard this summer to complete a Red Cross First AID/CPR/AED course. She was persistent and didn’t let technology issues slow her down. Michelle hopes her new skills will keep customers and coworkers safe at work. She also participates in different organizations to help others. Michelle was featured by Wingspan for participating in Made in the Shade, a fundraising event. Michelle raised over $800 this year! She is an inspiration to her peers and coworkers. Congrats, Michelle!




Leo – Spirit

Leo has the biggest heart around. He is always willing to help any coworker or staff by opening a door or passing out materials in class. Leo will always invite you to sit with him at lunch or play basketball. He says hi to everyone in the halls and has many friends. Leo also participates in the Buddy-Up committee, which partners new people served with friendly faces to show them around the site. Thanks for all you do, Leo!