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Work: Vocational Options

Opportunity Partners offers a continuum of employment opportunities to meet your interests and support needs. From a completely independent job to a more supported career option, we work with you to find a match to meet your employment goals today and in the future. We offer three types of employment options, each with a different level of support. Many individuals choose to work a combination of options to best meet their career goals.

Independent Placement

We can help you find an independent, community job suited to your skills and interests. We also offer both short and long term coaching as needed to help you be as independent as possible.

Our services include Vocational Evaluation, Job Development and Job Retention.

Vocational Evaluation – Are you ready to work independently?
If you are undecided about your employment goals, our Vocational Evaluators can help you explore career options. We have relationships with more than 80 employers throughout the Twin Cities that serve as evaluation sites where you are paid to work while we gather information about your work interests, skills, behaviors and tolerances while performing a job. We then provide valuable feedback on work habits, skills and physical capabilities. Evaluations can include:

  • Assessments of achievement, aptitude, dexterity, learning styles and work samples.
  • Evaluations help streamline career interests, set realistic job goals and explore career paths.
  • Evaluators address potential for vocational training, occupations, accommodations and service needs.
  • We also offer Pre-Employment transition services (pre-ETS), a community and career exploration program.

Job Development – Do you need help to find a job?
Through business connections, networking and focused job searches, our professional staff can help you find meaningful employment. Our 1:1 services meet your specific needs, resulting in an independent, competitive job. Throughout the process, we emphasize engagement and skill building, encouraging you to be an active part of your job search. Our professional staff serve as a resource, guiding your search with tools and education designed for success. We help:

  • Develop an employment plan based on your goals
  • Identify support needs and job accommodations
  • Understand job markets and hiring trends
  • Compose resumes and cover letters
  • Manage the job search, including recognizing job leads, contacting potential employers, completing applications and follow up
  • Schedule and prepare for a job interview

Job Retention – Keep your job – we can help!
Support from Opportunity Partners continues well after your job has been secured. Our professional staff provide support services that are tailored to your needs. Long-term supports are funded through the State of Minnesota’s Extended Employment program. At least two face-to-face visits per month are required between Opportunity Partners, you and your employer. We offer these supports:

  • Preparation for workplace success
  • Communication with co-workers and supervisors
  • Customer service
  • Accommodations
  • Employer education like disability awareness training

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Vocational Services at

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Supported Employment Teams (SET)

Supported Employment Teams are community jobs with an instructor, working as part of a team at a Twin Cities company. The road to employment may lead you down different paths, but the goal remains the same. Whether you have just graduated from a transition program or are seeking a new challenge, finding a job doesn’t have to be an independent pursuit. Opportunity Partners specializes in helping you look for, obtain and maintain work as part of a team.

SETs make it possible for you to become a skilled, wage-earning member of the community. We promote an individualized approach where you can build talents and advance your abilities as part of a supervised team. You can explore a variety of community job sites, from corporate cafeterias to office administration, while gaining experience and confidence that can lead to independent employment.

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Private Pay Job Development & Retention

Opportunity Partners Vocational Services now offers customized help with job development. No eligibility requirements needed. Partner with an experienced Job Developer who has a history of success with connections and resources to share.

Job Development
Resume building/updating, job search, completing job applications and applying (paper and online), building interview skills or interview “readiness” such as mock interviews, preparation for, best practices & techniques.

Job Retention
Assistance with on-boarding/job start (completing new hire paperwork), online training supports, assist with disclosure to your employer, on or off site job supports (can meet outside of work to discuss challenges and provide “behind the scenes” support).

We provide:

  • Confidential services & no eligibility requirements
  • Flexibility to work around your schedule
  • Individualized services to meet your specific needs
  • Partnership with an experienced professional
  • Locations all over the Metro

For questions and more information contact:
Vocational Services at 612-986-1846 or

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Center-based Packaging and Assembly

Our center-based production facilities offer employment in packaging, assembly and kitting. We focus on building a sense of community through meaningful work. That’s why our production centers offer a supportive environment where we accommodate all skill levels and work with diverse industries.

You can work side-by-side with peers and workers without disabilities to build your skills, gaining confidence and developing relationships at the same time. From putting together kits for medical companies or packaging snack items, to operating technical packaging equipment, all skill levels are challenged. We pride ourselves on our community-oriented approach, diversity of jobs, and caring staff who work hard to ensure you are prepared for jobs of the future.

Funding Sources
  • Home and Community Based Services waivers including Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals (CADI), Brain Injury (BI) and Developmental Disabilities (DD)
  • Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED)
  • County social services
  • Private pay
Admission Process

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