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Capacity & Capabilities

Opportunity Partners offers temporary and permanent contract staff and labor solutions. More than 100 business partners utilize Opportunity Partners’ unique offering of production and on-site services. Our Business Services are a value-added resource dedicated to meeting customer needs and ensuring customer satisfaction. Opportunity Partners offers the following business solutions:

On-Site Solutions

Flexible, short and long term contract service options provided at your company location. Add value to your business and utilize reliable workers who are trained to provide a variety of services in a broad range of fields including:

  • Custodial and facilities, dish room and food services, administrative, production and manufacturing

  • On-site job coaches provide training and supervision for maximum accuracy and efficiency

Kitting, Packaging, Assembly

Responsive and quality-focused production services are customized to meet your company’s operational needs. Across the Twin Cities, we have seven facilities offering more than 150,000 square feet of space to accommodate your production needs, providing the following services:

  • Over 400 passionate and reliable team members ready to work for you

  • Variety of services include: blister packaging, shrink-wrapping, collating, labeling and sub-assemblies

  • Vendor managed inventory (VMI) option available

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