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We believe in all abilities

December 19, 2016

By Armando Camacho, President & CEO

We believe in all abilities. And we know that you do too.

You believe in Greg, who just got a job at McDonalds. Seeing his picture on the wall at his day-training site has inspired others to see that employment can be a possibility for them as well.

Michelle excels in her job at Arby’s

You helped Michelle build exceptional customer service skills so that guests comment about what an asset she is to the company.

You cheer for Alyssa, who co-workers describe as friendly, very positive and a hard worker.

This is the life we all deserve. To be valued. To be recognized. To be celebrated for our abilities, not our disabilities.

Opportunity Partners depends on the generosity of our donors to help provide the confidence, support and hope to the individuals who need us.

By investing in Opportunity Partners, you invest in people’s lives. You help individuals build themselves up and they, in turn, then build up our community. Here are just a few examples of what your gift can do:

$50 pays for a cooking activity at one of our residences
$100 covers one semester of art supplies for a Learning Options class
$250 provides cultural opportunities, such as fees for a music class
$500 helps with technology skills, such as taking a computer class to build work skills
$1,000 provides job training, such as a partial scholarship for a Certified Learning Platform
$1,500 pays for a month of gas for our vans to transport Supported Employment Teams working in the community
$2,500 increases independent living by helping with costs to install new technology in one of our residences

Our fiscal year ends on December 31. Make a difference today by making a gift online.

Thank you for believing.

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