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New windows to a bright future

August 24, 2015

By: DarIMG_4579

Note: Dar lives at Opportunity Partners-Jorgensen House, which recently received all new windows donated and installed by Renewal by Andersen. Here are Dar’s words:

Thank you to Renewal by Andersen for picking our house for the window project! We’ll love to see the before and after footage and how nice the windows will look when it’s all put together. The problem is that the cranks don’t work and the windows do not open; I can’t even open my own windows without help. It gets really hot and so we have to use the fan. We have dreamed of getting new windows for a long time now so that is really the highlight for us.

The project started a few weeks ago when we got the word that Renewal by Andersen was going to come and replace our windows. We had to prepare by doing everything; we had to clear stuff away from the window walls throughout our whole house. Then we had to prepare for the interview, which went really well. Opportunity Partners Communications Director Julie Peters came to us at work and did the interview in the classroom. They asked us questions about ourselves, then we went outside and filmed a little more. After that they came to the house and I gave them a tour showing the windows and talked about how we live here at Jorgensen. I talked about my disability and I think it all went really well – I was a natural!

Watch the video.

We’re going to have a big party to celebrate tomorrow when we get home and finally get to see our new windows. We’re all really excited!

(A couple of weeks after the window installation, Dar continued her story.)

Now the windows are fun and easy to open. They are clean and clear and we are still just as surprised because they can open! The workers were so nice. In addition to the new windows, Opportunity Partners installed new wall air conditioning units so that was an added bonus which has been so great for us. Now we stay cool at home on the warm summer afternoons. It has all been really great. I had so much fun being interviewed for this project and thank you again to Renewal by Andersen for all of your hard work here at the Jorgensen House!

Read Renewal by Andersen’s blog.


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