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Bren Road Service Center

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Brain Injury Services and Retirement Transition

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Brain Injury Services
Retirement Transition

Bren Road Service Center is the location of our brain injury program and retirement transition program.

Program Details – Brain Injury Services

Our brain injury program helps you rediscover your world. Whether it is mastering new skills, living more independently, or working individually or as part of team, you can increase your potential and ability to lead a fulfilling life. Our goal is to transition you from our program back into your home, community and employment. To enhance these efforts, we have aligned our programs to build natural steps toward reaching that goal.

For a detailed program description, see our Brain Injury Services page.

Program Details – Retirement Transition

As adults with developmental disabilities transition into the retirement years, Golden Opportunity offers a nurturing, supportive environment designed to meet your needs and abilities. Activities include recreation, community outings and light work options.

For a detailed program description, see our Retirement Transition page.

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