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Job developer earns state award

September 28, 2016

Rick Grimes, an Opportunity Partners job developer, earned the Irving Martin Professional of the Year Award from The Arc Minnesota for his efforts in helping people with disabilities ph_Rick-Grimes_for-Webfind independent, community jobs. Rick was honored at The Arc Minnesota’s awards banquet September 23 at the Shoreview Community Center.

Rick is known for his customized approach which helps people with disabilities identify their skills and abilities and how those match with employers. His support takes many forms: helping individuals prepare resumes and cover letters, filling out applications, and preparing for interviews, talking through their fears, and identifying their support needs around employment. Once they secure a job, he is there as a job coach and source of support to help them stay on the job. He is also effective at developing trusted, long-lasting employer relationships and has helped many people find job with the same employer. Through Rick’s efforts, more than 90 people have found independent jobs in the community!

Congratulations, Rick!

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