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Opportunity Partners offers job training and life skills options for people with disabilities to increase your level of independence. From customized training to life skills classes that promote interests and healthy living, we provide a wide range of educational opportunities.

Enrichment Opportunities

Our enrichment opportunities provide a variety of classroom and community experiences that help develop communication skills, promote flexibility and adaptability, and are FUN!

Participants join a Life Skills Instructor and peers to enjoy a variety of enrichment activities.

Activities are held at Opportunity Partners or at various locations in the community. Each campus tailors its menu of enrichment opportunities based on the desires and interests of the participants.

Activities often include partnerships with community businesses, creating new relationships through volunteering, recreation, and social experiences.

Experiences offered are customizable:

  • All-day community activities
  • All-day on-site activities
  • Combination of both community and on-site activities

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