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Bryce celebrates 10 years of independent employment!

October 10, 2016

By Julie Peters, Communications Director

A valued member of the Kraus-Anderson Construction Company team, Bryce Larson has been making an impact for more than a decade. As an office assistant in the Circle Pines location, he stocks products, fills copy machines and handles the recycling throughout the building. While his duties may seem ordinary, Bryce truly is extraordinary. Opportunity Partners provides Bryce job coaching although he works very independently overall.

ph_bryce-10-year_forwebKraus-Anderson Construction Company has gone on to hire a number of other individuals from Opportunity Partners, broadening the company’s experience with people of all abilities and resulting in a more inclusive community overall.

Bryce’s hard work earned him the Kraus-Anderson Construction Company Mission/Vision Award for December 2015. He was nominated by Bri Ana Vogel, human resources coordinator in the Circle Pines office.

Bri Ana praised Bryce for the joy he brings to the job, his rapport with co-workers and the pride he takes in his work. While he doesn’t miss the chance to ask others about their weekend and if they caught the latest Vikings game or wrestling match, he is committed to getting his job done and mentoring peers whenever possible.

Bryce also has a passion to help the community. Many years ago he began collecting pop tabs to support the Ronald McDonald House. He also participates in events through the Down Syndrome Association, such as Step Up for Down Syndrome, serving as co-captain of the Kraus-Anderson team for the past eight years. Bryce even helped deliver a keynote presentation at the Down Syndrome Association’s regional conference a few years back. He is proud to work for Kraus-Anderson and is a great ambassador in the community, sharing the message that everyone has the ability to make a difference.

“Bryce makes a positive impact on the world around him,” Bri Ana said. “He builds enduring relationships and strong communities. His dedication to integrity, commitment, teamwork, and valuing people make Bryce an exemplary employee who deserves recognition for his countless contributions.”

Bryce, who recently celebrated 10 years at Kraus-Anderson Construction with a company lunch, said it feels good to be honored on the job. “I like the people,” he said.

In 2015, Opportunity Partners placed people with disabilities into 145 independent, community jobs and hopes that number will continue to climb as more businesses realize the amazing potential of people of all abilities.

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