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At age 33, Vince Fiorilli still has dreams he wants to accomplish – like enrolling in an online college to pursue his passion for writing poetry.

For now, he is redefining his ability by dabbling in poetry on his own and earning money for college by working at McDonald’s in Eden Prairie.

Landing an independent job was a big step for Vince, who has lived with the effects of a traumatic brain injury most of his life.

Although Vince says his brain injury meant he had to give up his goal of joining the military, he hasn’t let it stop him from leading a fulfilling life complete with work, friends and hobbies.

“I like to write poems, hang out with friends and help people,” he said, adding that someday he would like to volunteer with seniors or people disabilities.

Last April, McDonald’s hired Vince as a dining room attendant. As his managers began to recognize his potential as a hard working and reliable employee, the opportunities for additional training expanded.

He has learned to cook fries, take orders and operate the register, stock the ice and condiments, and run rood to customers. He is thriving as a valuable member of the team, filling in where needed and evening earning Employee of the Month!

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