Youth Transition Services

Opportunity Partners Youth Transition Services are available via contracts with school districts or through private pay contracts.

Pre-Intake Assessment

Please contact Opportunity Partners to discuss eligibility and program cost. Placement options will be discussed during the intake process.

Intake Process

  • Necessary paperwork and signatures will be completed.
  • A determination will be made as to which setting is most appropriate for the referred individual.

For people who are accepted into the program, Transition Services are able to provide employment opportunities to transition students in two different settings:

1. Students who may require more direct supervision may be placed in our non-community-based pre-vocational production program where they will work on light assembly and packaging jobs. Wages are based on a time study that measures productivity value.

2. Students who are more independent may be placed on a Supported Employment Team (SET) and work in a community-based supervised setting.

Other Admission Criteria

  • Must have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) with support assessment information documenting the need for services.
  • Diagnosis of disability, with accompanying documentation.
  • Demonstrates independence in self-help skills including eating, mobility and medication.
  • Must meet and complete the intake/screening process.

Youth Transition Locations

Koch Technical & Training Campus – Minnetonka
Anoka – Coon Rapids


Jennie Meuwissen
Manager – Youth Services