Vocational Services

Opportunity Partners’ Vocational Services assists individuals with vocational evaluation, job development and job coaching. We offer individualized services that address the specific interests and needs of an individual. We serve as a member on the individual’s team with family, school representatives, advocates, vocational counselors or others as identified by the individual.

Admission Criteria

  • Diagnosis of disability including developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, brain injuries or related conditions and documentation.
  • Demonstrates independence in self-help skills.
  • Has the ability to follow emergency procedure direction.
  • Is in medically stable condition.
  • Provides background information including functional limitation with three areas checked.
  • Willingly participates.
  • Signs off on Opportunity Partners’ intake forms.


  • An intake fee is due at the time of program admission.
  • For compatibility purposes, Opportunity Partners may request the individual’s records.
  • The referral form will need to be filled out as completely as possible prior to the meeting.

Intake Referral Process

A staff member will meet with the individual and/or representative to explore the possibilities of vocational evaluation, job development or job coaching. They will discuss the individual’s interests, skills, barriers and support needs.

If the referral is approved, Opportunity Partners will schedule an intake meeting, in partnership with the individual and the team, to discuss the experience options available to this individual.

The following events will occur at the intake interview:

  • Discussion of participant’s employment skills, interests, barriers and supports.
  • Development of service plan (employment, evaluation, supported self-employment and work adjustment training).
  • Necessary paperwork and signatures will be completed.
  • Identity and Employment Eligibility Verification for vocational evaluation and work adjustment training referrals (e.g., MN State ID, Social Security card, original birth certificate or specific INS documentation).
  • Review of Client Handbook.

If admission is declined, a letter stating the reasons why with suggested alternate provider(s) will be provided to the participant.

Make a Referral

Vocational Services Locations

Koch Technical & Training Campus – Minnetonka
Minnesota Workforce Center – Bloomington


Dan Meyers
Director of Vocational Services