Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Metro Services

TBI Metro Services helps people with brain injuries rediscover their place in the world. Whether it is finding former skills while learning new ones, living independently, or working individually or as part of team, our services help them grow their potential and ability to lead a fulfilling life.

Admission Criteria

  • Diagnosis of traumatic or acquired brain injury.
  • Is in medically stable condition.
  • Adequate funding source.
  • Demonstrates independence in self-help skills including eating, communication and mobility.
  • Transportation resources are available.
  • Adequate background information is provided including all medical, neurological and evaluation reports.
  • Brain injury documentation and pertinent demographic information.

Intake Referral Process

  • Initial contact is normally made through the Program Managers for all programs. However, for Day Programs, you may also contact the appropriate Service Planner.
  • Contact can be made by phone, email, U.S. postal mail or fax.
  • During the initial contact, the referral information listed above will be gathered and reviewed with the referring party.
  • During the review process, a determination will be made as to which program is most appropriate for the individual being referred.
  • If at any time the person is determined ineligible for their desired program, an alternative program or accommodation will be discussed.
  • Once program eligibility is determined, a tour or intake will be scheduled with that program’s staff. Any person may accompany the person being referred on a tour. The person and all participating team members are requested at the intake meeting.

TBI Metro Services, a service of Opportunity Partners, Inc., has locations in Edina and West St. Paul. To make a referral, contact the appropriate program manager.

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