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hoMEbase apartment program by Opportunity Partners is an innovative residential service that promotes the highest level of independence, personal goals, dignity and worth of each individual. By living semi-independently in their own or shared apartment, supported by Opportunity Partners’ Direct Support Professionals who work onsite, individuals can enjoy the freedom they want coupled with the support they need.

  • Option for 10-12 individuals to live alone or in a shared apartment within a large, community apartment complex.
  • Safety, ergonomic or technical supports added to the residence as needed.
  • Integrated monitoring technology to extend the effectiveness of day-to-day staffing patterns.
  • Overnight staffing available 7 nights per week.
  • Community dinners prepared together for those interested.
  • Staff support and planning for cooking and menus, cleaning, money management, and transportation to activities and medical needs.

hoMEbase contacts:

Westside in Hopkins: 612-201-6194

Woodland in Coon Rapids: 612-203-1658

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Semi-Independent Living Services (SILS)


Semi-Independent Living Services (SILS) is an option that provides one to 13 hours of service per week, depending on need. The individual must be able to financially support their housing expenses from earned and unearned income and must be able to demonstrate self-advocacy and survival skills.

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In-Home Waiver (IHW)


In-Home Waiver (IHW) provides up to 24-hour support from an off-site location. Individuals need to be able to make informed choices and be able to financially support their housing expenses from earned and unearned income. In addition, the individual must be eligible for medical assistance or be a current recipient.

Admission Criteria

  • Diagnosis of disability such as developmental disability, learning disability or an autism spectrum disorder.
  • Lives in the community with family, in a foster care setting at home or in an apartment.
  • Must be able to benefit from independent living support.


  • For compatibility purposes, Opportunity Partners may request the individual’s records.
  • The information received will effectively determine appropriate supports.

Intake Referral Process

  • Necessary paperwork and signatures will be completed.
  • Meetings will be arranged to thoroughly review the individual’s overall progress toward stated goals.

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Residential Options Locations


Koch Technical & Training Campus – Minnetonka
Anoka – Coon Rapids




Joe Peterson
Director of Residential Services