Consumer Directed Community Supports

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At Opportunity Partners, Flexible Case Management helps people with disabilities develop and put into action a plan to administer Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS).

We take a person-centered approach and design a plan that best meets your goals, needs and preferences. Your Flexible Case Manager will advise you and help you purchase services, or interview potential support staff who will deliver your chosen services. Opportunity Partners also has a nurse on staff who consults on medical needs and new therapies.

Under CDCS, you can design services and supports that are meaningful to you. In customizing a support plan, you can combine your self-designed services with adult care services or with federally approved waiver services and state plan home care services.

Your flexible case manager also helps you identify potential risks or consequences as part of the support and risk management planning. A Risk Management Plan reflects your risks and strikes a balance between the recommended level of service coverage and your desired level of independence.

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